"Looking good isn't self-importance ; it is self-respect."

for Men, Women & Children
We offer excellent talent, great products for your hair and skin needs, as well as an atmosphere that is tranquil, enjoyable and relaxing. We want to be your home for all your skin and hair needs. We believe that you are the most important factor in our business and it is our desire to identify the unique characteristics of your hair and face to develop a signature look just for you. Makme Salon is a place where you can get a professional, high quality hair & beauty service and have a fabulous time doing so. Its an experience and my hope is that Makme Salon is a place where people will come year after year, month after month because they truly had a great experience. At Makme Salon we not only give exceptional services but we love educating our clients, selling quality natural, organic, & chemical free products and gifts. Having fun, turning heads, making memories and growing within our community and the beauty industry is our goal!

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    Your hair is part of you. And we care for it like it's a part of us. Makme salon embraces culture and community, but we focus on people. Real haircuts for real people, by real people. We love fashion, but you will not find any rhetorical name within these walls. Most of our stylist have been working together for years, and while the name and aura at Makme is new, our mutual love and respect for each other and our skill with a pair of scissors can not be measured.


    Skin is one the most gentle part our body. That is why it needs a lot of attention.

    We provide you with a lot options in the category, even if you are confused about what suits you and what not, Well don't worry, we got your back. We will provide the best skin care routine that suits your skin type.

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    we offer a wide range of styling options from hairstyles, hair treatment, Skin care to pedicure, It depends on what you need.

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